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I have a few related restricted accounts and I want to transfer money from one account to another. What do I need to do?

In order to move budget, a budget revision will need to be processed through your research center and then through VPR’s office. When the fiscal monitor receives the approved copy of the budget revision from the research center, then the budget will be moved.

Do we need to provide CAS justification for equipment purchases?

No, as long as the equipment was included in the proposed/approved budget to the Sponsor.

Why do we need additional justification for expenditures near the project end date, and do we need to receive goods and services prior to the end date or just order by the end date?

Section 3.15.15 of the BPM states:

Expenses Incurred Near Project End Date
In general, all materials, supplies, services and equipment should be received prior to the expiration date of a project, and would include items encumbered before the expiration date. On continuing multiple year awards purchase requisitions must be entered in Banner by the 15th of the last month of the budget period. This will ensure that the encumbrances are recorded prior to the expiration date and can be included as expenditures on the annual financial report to the sponsor. Expenditures within the last days of the grant/contract period may be subject to additional review in anticipation of sponsor audit of the period. Exceptions will be made depending on the funding agency, the type of expense, and possible continuation of the award. 

Equipment purchased within the last quarter of the grant/contract period must have additional justification included on the Purchase Requisition line-item detail (On-line requisitioning PR system screen) or separate justification forwarded by a memo to SPA to be considered reasonable.


If I send you a copy of the e-mail I got from the agency extending the end date of the contract, can you change the end date?

No. All revisions, dates or budget, must be processed through VPR.

What account code do I use to pay for a NMSU employee to attend a conference held on campus or at a hotel(within Las Cruces)?

We should use account code “760200” (local seminar) to charge the expense for an employee to attend either a seminar or a conference held within the area of Las Cruces. This is the case whether it is held on or off campus (within Las Cruces area).

If the Department is generating a JE to charge this expense, the entry would be a debit to the account to be charged using account code “760200” and crediting a revenue code on the account that is hosting the conference/seminar. If the charge was to be paid to an external source, then a check request(prepaid) or a reimbursement voucher(after-the-fact) would be then be prepared to pay for the charge.

How do I change the account on the Purchase Order (PO) already submitted?

You will need to determine what stage the PO is at:

(1) If it is still in requisition stage as a DO or RO then you can change the account # and retrailer in FRS.
(2) If the requisition has been given a PO # and has not been invoiced or vouchered (look at screen 284), you will need to do a Change Order Memo.
(3) If the PO has been invoiced or vouchered then a Journal Entry (JE) must be done after the expense hits the account in FRS.