Staff Directory – Award Compliance and Financial Management

  • Oversight of Regulatory Fiscal Compliance and Financial Management of Awards:
  • Ensure Accuracy of Banner Grant/Index Creation
  • Budget Accuracy/Burn Rates
  • Completion of Banner setup for Invoice Processing
  • Expenditure Monitoring/Compliance
  • Program Income
  • Cost Share – Direct and In-Kind
  • Gift Accounting
  • Financial Aid Accounting Support
  • Maintaining project files in BDMS
  • Grant/Fund Terming

  • Technical Accounting Support
  • Transaction Processing Expertise
  • Interpretation of Sponsor Guidelines and Regulations
  • Support to Research Centers/PI’s and Agencies
  • Dissemination of information and providing training to PI’s on a wide range of topics related to sponsored activities; includes one-on-one meetings
  • Monthly Recurring Meetings with Research Centers
  • Analyze/Resolve Exception Reports
  • Prepare Awards for Closeout
  • Fulfilling Contractual or Regulatory Obligations Regarding Invoicing & Financial Reporting to Sponsors
  • ID CodeNameTitlePhoneAssigned Agency
    SP01 SP05 Kane, TiffanyAccountant, Senior(575) 646-5641
    • Dept of Health and Human Services (HHS)
    • HHS flow through SNM

    • Dept of Education (EDUC) which includes the following: Financial Aid, Pell, SEOG, Fed Work study

    • Independent Federal Agency

    • Portion of Work study not covered by Federal or State

    • Portion of Work study covered by State

    • Crimson Scholar Portion covered by State

    • Other Financial Aid covered by State

    SP02 SP04 Aguilar, NellieAccountant, Senior(575) 646-7157

    • State of New Mexico (SNM)

    • Dept of Education (EDUC) with SNM portion

    • All privates (no pass thru situation)

    • Corporation for Public Broadcasting

    • All Foundations & Universities (no pass thru situation)

    • All Foreign Agencies

    • All City Appropriations

    SP03 SP08
    Paez, LidiaAccountant, Senior(575) 646-6466

    • National Science Foundation (NSF)

    • Small Business Association (SBA)

    • State of NM (Flow through from Federal-SBA with grants _GRS)

    • All Gift Accounts/Funds
    • Agency for International Development (AID)

    • Dept of Homeland Security (DHS)

    • Dept of Interior (DOI)

    • Department of Justice (DOJ)

    • National Endowment of the Arts (NEA)

    • National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH)

    SP06 SP09
    Luchini, CrystalAccountant, Senior(575) 646-3366

    • Dept of Agriculture (Federal G&C)

    • Dept of State (DOS)

    • Dept of Agriculture (Federal Appropriations- AES/ARS/CES)

    • All county local appropriations (no pass thru situations)

    • Dept of Transportation (DOT)

    • Environmental Protection Agency

    • Dept of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

    • Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)

    • Dept of Labor (DOL
    SP07Archuleta, CammieAccountant, Senior(575) 646-6467

    • Department of Defense (DOD- PSL Only)

    • National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)- Includes PSL

    • US Government (Classified PSL)

    Villa, AnnaAccountant, Senior(575) 646-6400

    • Dept of Energy (DOE)

    • Dept of Defense (DOD- not PSL)

    • Dept of Commerce (DOC)

    • Corporation for National Community Services (CNCS)

    • US Trade Development (USTDA)