Award Waivers

Research doesn’t always wait for the arrival of money. When a new award is assured but the funding is delayed, it may be appropriate to work with OGC and submit a waiver index request to facilitate commencement of work. A waiver index can be created under the following conditions in anticipation of a new award or continuation of an existing award:

  1. Prior program is being renewed
  2. New program with a well-known agency
  3. Terms and conditions are acceptable
  4. Cost share/matching are acceptable
  5. Substantial upfront costs are not required

The above information can found under the BPM section 3.15.15 link provided here BPM

The Waiver Account Request for New Index(s) form is required to request an award be set up on waiver pending the official award notification. If for any reason there are any discrepancies with the official award notification, the department will be responsible for covering any unallowable costs incurred to date.