Banner Document Management System (BDMS)

BDMS is the official repository for NMSU imaged records. It launches award documents from FRAGRNT and Grant Inception to Date form FRIGITD in the Banner Finance Research Accounting Module. It is State certified and is administered by Financial Systems Administration under A&F. All award documentation will be uploaded and managed within BDMS. The BDMS Security Access form is used to request access. The following award documents are saved under the B-F-GRNT Banner Finance Grant application in BDMS:BDMS defined documents

BDMS can be accessed through FRAGRNT and FRIGITD forms by following the steps below:

Banner BDMS Solutions example

  1. Log on to Banner.
  2. Open FRAGRNT or FRIGITD form. Enter G# and hit Next Block.
  3. To access the documents that have been stored electronically, click on the Retrieve Icon found in the top toolbar.
  4. Click on the Open Document button for the document you wish to view. SPA adds notations to help navigate through the documents. Documents are images and are not searchable.

Open Document button example

The following icons on the BDMS toolbar are useful to navigate through BDMS:

BDMS toolbar icon descriptions

  1. Logout – log out before closing the window.
  2. Query Results – go back to the list of documents for the grant.
  3. Previous Page – go back to the previous page of the current document.
  4. Next Page – go to the next page of the current document.
  5. Print Current Page – print the page currently displayed.
  6. Print Document – print the entire document that is currently open.

Queries by document type, grant, subcontract, etc. can be done by performing the following:

Running a query example

  2. Click on New Query.
  3. Enter query item in the Search Value field.

To select the fields you want to see in BDMS, check the boxes on the right hand side.

BDMS field selection example

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