Banner Workflow

Banner index creation begins when a fully negotiated award is received from OGC through “Workflow”. The Banner index is created within 48 hours of receipt if all required award documentation is provided by OGC.

Workflow Advantages:

  • Provides transparency of Banner award set-up and index creation
  • Automates email notification:
    • Research Center receives an email at initiation stage
    • PI receives “Congratulations” email upon completion of index set-up
    • Email notifications are sent to individuals included on the workflow process from initiation to completion informing of Banner set-up status.
  • Streamlines communication between OGC, SPA, departments and PI’s

When an award request is initiated by OGC they populate the designated research center/department and PI. Below is an example of a Banner Workflow email notifying the research center/department that a request has been submitted to SPA for review and Banner set-up. The subject of the email will indicate if the request is for a new award, modification to an award or for a Subcontract.

Notification email from SPA

Additional request details will be added to the workflow request as it progresses to the completion stage. If a request is returned to OGC for further clarification the workflow will provide the details of the issues encountered and action taken to resolve. SPA will include the Fiscal Monitor, additional PI’s and research centers/departments emails if needed for internal awards prior to the workflow being completed.

Notification email from SPA with details

A new award notification will contain details related to the sponsored award

Email notification breakdown

  1. PI assigned to sponsored award.
  2. Time stamp and User ID of individual that performed an action during set-up.
  3. G# assigned to sponsored award, Period of Performance, budget amount, and budget pool type.
  4. Index(es) assigned to sponsored award.

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