Electronic Labor Redistributions (ELRs)

ELRs are created to make revisions to payroll that needs to be changed after-the-fact. A Personnel Action Form (PAF) is used to make future changes to an employee’s job labor distribution. Departments should review their ledgers monthly to ensure accuracy of expenditure posting and process ELRs in a timely manner, if needed. The following business rules apply to Electronic Labor Redistributions:

  • An ELR Initiator must be a regular employee grade 4 or above and complete the ELR Initiator Training course. The access can be requested via the Computer Systems Access form.
  • Account codes cannot be changed through an ELR.
  • An approver cannot approve an action they initiated.
  • ELRs submitted more than 90 days from pay date will only be approved if there is an external contractual reason why the transfer must be processed. These ELRs require SPA Director approval for processing.

ELRs are auditable documents; therefore, detailed comments documenting the reason(s) for the change must be made. Comments cannot be deleted or updated and can be added by any member of the routing queue.

The following processes may assist with timely and more efficient ELR processing:

  • Temporary Approvers or FYI roles can be added to an ELR routing queue to inform other individuals of labor changes being made.
  • ELRs can be prepared as a batch to correct multiple pay periods for the same funding source. Detailed information on this process can be found in the ELR initiator manual.
  • Detailed justification on an ELR eliminates questions from approvers in the queue and allows for timely processing. ELRs should not be processed for awards that are over budget; rather, a cost overrun journal voucher (JV) should be completed so that expenditures are accurately reflected for a sponsored award.

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