Establish Banner Grant Fund/Index and Budget

Banner Finance is the official system of record. The Research Accounting module within Banner Finance is used to account for and report on sponsored awards.

  • The funding instrument type: Grants, Contracts, Cooperative Agreements, Federal/County Appropriations and Gifts are setup and managed within the Research Accounting module.
  • A Grant is established in Banner. The 9 digit “G” number captures the total budget and overall scope of work of an award, and is the umbrella for the related funds/indexes.
  • To further segregate the award by budget and/or task, funds are set up under the G#. Examples of when multiple funds are required under the same G#:
    • Different financial managers and budget awarded under the award
    • Internal award issued to another department/responsible organization
    • Separate blocks of funding by fiscal/award year or budget category
    • To differentiate task orders, Participant Support Costs, or Program Income Funds

SPA utilizes a fund hierarchy to assign funding source, Fiscal Monitor (FM), agency, and G# to assist with Banner Finance approval routing and reporting purposes.

Fund Type

SPA utilizes a specific naming convention to assign the G# and fund # to designate the NMSU campus a sponsored award pertains to. The naming convention more easily identifies funding for each campus and assists with financial reporting.

Campus Index Number List

An index is an abbreviation of the Fund, Organization, Program, Activity and Location (FOPAL) elements. Multiple indexes can exist under one fund.

Banner index creation begins when a fully negotiated award is received from OGC through “Workflow”.

Once the index set-up is completed, the PI receives a “Congratulations” email. The assigned SPA central accountant/Fiscal Monitor is copied on the email and is your contact for all financial aspects of your award.

The following demonstrates how multiple indexes can exist under a fund and multiple funds can exist under a Grant. The Banner G# captures the complete financial status of your award so viewing only at an index or fund level may not give you the complete financial status.

Fund Breakdown Piechart

The PI works with OGC during the proposal stage of the award. Once the award has been executed, the award documents are submitted to SPA via Workflow for set-up in the Research Accounting module. The following forms are used by OGC and SPA for award set-up:

  1. Office of Grants & Contracts (OGC) Checklist: New Award
  2. New Fund Number Request Form(s) (NFNR)
  3. Grant Contract Administration (GCA) form (created by OGC)
  4. Cost Accounting Standards (CAS) Justification form (if applicable)
  5. Contract/Award
  6. Proposal/Request for Proposal (RFP) (if applicable)
  7. Subcontracts (if applicable)
  8. Budgeting Restrictions Template (BRT) (if applicable)

* Documents 1, 2, 3 and 5 (Documents 4, 6, 7 and 8 may be included if applicable) are required for a new award set-up.

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