Sub Recipient Maintenance

Subcontractors, defined as third parties contracted to conduct a portion of the work for sponsored awards, are normally included in the scope of work and require prior agency approval.

A subcontractor request is submitted to SPA by OGC with the scope of work and budget once terms and conditions have been agreed to by all parties. SPA will set up an encumbrance for the agreed upon budgeted amount. Subcontractor invoices are typically submitted to SPA by the subcontractor. SPA in turn will submit invoices to the responsible department for PI review and approval and preparation for reimbursement submission. Invoices must be paid within 30 days of submission date to NMSU.

The PI is responsible for monitoring the activities of the Subcontractor, verifying invoices for payment and informing OGC of any significant changes to the agreement. SPA is responsible for the financial aspect and ensures payments are made to the correct ‘EQ’ and are within the budget and project period of the award.