SPA is responsible for receiving, receipting, depositing and reconciling agency payments. Payments received by SPA are deposited daily. All sponsored award funding is deposited only into a restricted fund. SPA adheres to separation of duties for proper internal control in the collection and application of payments made.The majority of payments received are electronic and are identified on the daily Wells Fargo Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Report. SPA may seek additional information from Treasury Services or the department if we cannot readily identify an incoming payment.

SPA is available to process restricted deposits Monday thru Friday between the hours of 8:00 am-12:00 pm and 1:00 pm-5:00 pm. SPA currently accepts the following forms of restricted fund payments:

ACH (Automatic Clearing House): Requires W-9 or Vendor ACH enrollment form to be filled out for agency.

Check: Must be submitted to the SPA remittance address and include memo for payment (payee on check should be NMSU, not solely the department name).

Letter of Credit Draws (LOC)*: Certain federal agencies utilize an on-line centralized payment and cash management system, which accomplishes all payment-related activities from the time of award through closeout. These electronic systems expedite the flow of cash between the Federal government and NMSU. Reimbursement requests for incurred expenditures are submitted via the on-line system on a monthly basis.

Credit Cards: Requires full credit card information detail for SPA to complete a deposit slip form.

Wire Transfers: Requires SPA to complete agency form to authorize and disclose banking information.

Cash: Must be taken to the SPA remittance address and include memo for payment. Exact change is required.

Departments may make deposits to SPA directly for a restricted fund when it is discovered the posted expense is unallowable. The reimbursement will credit the account code of the original expense.

Please note when reimbursing a restricted award by cash or check a deposit slip must be completed with the following: Index receiving the credit and reason for the reimbursement

What index should I use to deposit agency payments or reimbursements?

  • Agency Payment: Index 110507 Fund 699996 Account 116996 Description Banner G#
  • Approved expense reimbursements: Index 110507 Fund 699996 Account 116996 Description list the restricted index and account where the original expense is posted.
  • Deposit slips, checks, and any pertinent backup should be scanned to for review by the SPA team to ensure posting accuracy and to confirm deposit is allowable on restricted funds.
  • The SPA team will review and respond back within 48 hours with corrections or approval to continue with deposit process.
  • Approved deposit slips and checks can then be taken to UAR for processing.

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